Top 5 Fictional Creatures I would like to see pulling Santa’s Sleigh.

So I saw this idea somewhere on a list of bookish inspired blog ideas and I am so excited to give it a whirl. While I am not a huge Christmas fan, I can appreciate the images that this idea conjures up. This is purely for a little bit of Christmas Cheer and good ole meaningless, mindless FUN! I mean can you imagine anything other than Reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh? I can! Here are my top 5 fictional creatures, that I can imagine pulling Santa’s Sleigh!



Number 1 – Thestrals.

Now I know we see them pulling carriages in HP, but come on, imagine them hauling Santa along the roads, their black bodies, invisible to those who haven’t witnessed death, adding more allure and mystery to how Santa’s sleigh moves on its own. To the others, the magnificence of their lithe bodies and pointed faces giving Christmas a sharper and more real feel.   Maybe I’m just biased because they are one of my favourite magical beasts, but Thestrals pulling the sleigh would be awesome!



Number 2 – Danaerys Dragons

Although their numbers may be dwindling (if you prefer to go with the tv show adaptation), imagine, Santa flying through the sky, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion gliding through the air, Santa shouting “Dracarys’ and the dragons light up the night sky with flames that can be seen all over the world!

images (1)

Number 3 – Meeko

A whole lot of Meeko’s from Pocahontas. Scurrying through the night sky, dropping biscuit crumbs on all the houses. It would be like a new take on snow!


download (1)

Number 4 – Unicorns from The Last Unicorn

I felt I needed to be specific there because, the last unicorn, unicorns are my favourite ever. They look like I think unicorns should look, dainty little legs feminine bodies and faces, then horns that are so long, sharp and pointy that you don’t even want to mess with them. How stunning would they look, pulling Santa’s sleigh? Shining in the night sky, protecting Santa from incoming birds or any other dangers. Perfect.

images (2).jpg

Number 5 – Tyrannosaurus Rex’s

Okay so I know these aren’t fictional, but I’m going to totally say the ones from Jurassic Park/Jurassic World. Imagine. Nine. Of. These. Beauties. Pulling Santa’s sleigh! Would it still fly? Or would they just be there running around the globe, terrorising as they go? I think flying T-Rex’s would be a much better sight!


Okay, this was just a lot of fun, this holiday season! I want to see your list of top 5 fictional creatures that you would want to see pulling Santa’s Sleigh!

Comment below if you would have any of my creatures on your list!




Top 5: Childhood Fiction Favourites

I see everyone doing top-5 somethings, but a lot of them feel rather over-done, that being said, here I am doing a top-5 something, and I will probably do more 🙂

Childhood reading is truly something to behold, I find, I have stuck to the genres I enjoyed growing up, the authors I loved as a teenager are now my auto-buy authors and I find myself constantly going back and re-reading the books that I loved. So without further adieu, here are my Top 5, Childhood Fiction Favourites!


#1 – Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling – is this even a list without HP?


I remember being around age 10 and having my mum read the first book to me, it was such a special part of my growing up, she loved the story as much as I did, and by the end of book 1, we were hooked. Book 2, we took turns reading to each other, and by this stage, I was more than able to fluently read out loud (thanks reading obsession from an early age). The rest I remember as getting two copies, so mum and I could read along together and compare notes, reading them to my younger cousin and bringing her into the magical world. Even today, I go back to Hogwarts and I still get those same feelings I got, when I heard it for the first time 16 years ago!


#2 – The Phantom Stallion Series by Terri Farley


What 12 year old girl wasn’t obsessed with horses? I was definitely no exception, but what surprises me, is that this series is so unknown, and here in Australia, it was near on impossible to get my hands on, we had to order it in from America through big bookstores (Dymocks, here’s cheers to you!). This series was everything to me, I wrote my own fan-fiction, used to act it out in the paddocks at home, and I was still reading it when I turned 16, when I started to fall for Jake and have my first book crush. Through the books (all 24 of them), we follow a young girl, ‘Samantha’ through her life living on a ranch in America, we see her have family troubles, love troubles, bank troubles and most importantly horse troubles, with the wild horses living around the family ranch.  Thinking about it now, it sort of sounds like a younger version of ‘Heartland’…  This series is one that sits on the shelf, beckoning me to return to it, and maybe when I get my TBR under control, I’ll finally be able to!


#3 Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld


This series was my first real taste of dystopia and sci-fi all rolled into one. And boy, did I devour it. I was lost in this world where no one was happy with the way the looked and if you didn’t have some form of plastic surgery or tattoos you were considered ‘Bogus’ when really everyone wanted to be ‘Bubbly’. This series is all about self love and self realisation, it was perfect for me when I read it, and just like the Phantom Stallion series, it stares longingly at me, wanting to be re-read.                                                                              I remember being completely obsessed with the world that this series is set in, and the technologies that were available. The protagonist ‘Tally’ spends her days travelling by hover-board!?


#4 Anything written by Meg Cabot

849676 (1)images (4)


I found Meg Cabot when I was in high school, grade 8-ish I think, so around 15-17. These were funny, easy to read and promoted body positivity in a way that I really needed at that age. What made them more fun, was that my best friend at the time, was also reading them, so it felt like we had something special to share together, to talk about and compare to our world and society. Also, how can you go past titles like that? Especially today, when most of Australia’s population is a 12-14 dress size. It makes it easier to accept you for you, and to embrace who you are. That your dress size doesn’t define you, or who you are or who you are meant to be… I think this message is important, no matter how old or young you are.


#5 Horse Head Soup by Rory Barnes


Now this one, is my favourite, from Primary School, it is about mad scientists travelling back in time and in this book, forward into the future, only to discover that they are exhibits in a Year 2000 theme park; they are living pieces of history! Now to a 8 year old, this was fascinating stuff, not to mention the funny title! I can’t remember exactly why this book has stuck with me since Primary School, I don’t have a copy of it, nor do I remember exactly what happens, but when I think about childhood favourites, this one is definitely up there!


So that wraps up my top 5 childhood fiction favourites! As I was saying at the top of the post, what I read in my teenage years, genre wise, is still very much, what I am into now, I read a lot of dystopian novels, a lot of sci-fi and sometimes for a change of pace, I’ll pick up a general or women’s (as they call it now) fiction novel.

Have you read any of these books? Other than Harry Potter of course!




P.S Feel free to do your Top 5 Childhood Fiction Favourites and tag me using bookishintoxicationwrites so I can see your top 5 favourites!